about summer vocations and leaving tomorrow

  I'm a 4th year student already. (Oh my Gosh, 4th year? ) If you weren't lazy at school you can count that I've already had three summer-vocations being a student. I don't take into consideration the summer vocations when I was a schoolgirl, because I want to finish this blog today.
First of all I would like to inform that during my studies I live far from parents, it means that I'm eager to visit them whenever I can. So summer is a good time to leave that hot and dusty city, to find my calm in the countryside, to help them a little (I'm not fond of working all the time) and to have rest. Summer came, exams are over, Hi Mom, Hi Dad, your daughter has arrived, pay the driver. (Yep, I prefer to buy chocolates for parents and never keep money for taxi-pay).
Now it's time for confession. While preparing for modules, I always dream about free time, sitting in the fresh air, with a coffee cup (that's essential) and reading...reading...reading again. I think I'll go home, I'll wake up early in the morning (okay, at 7:00am, no, please, at least at 8,okay, 8), I'll go for jogging, then I'll help mom, then it's the dreamed free time: read as much as you want. Now about the reality: I come home, I wake up at 10-11, I help mom just a little bit, then take the coffee cup (I told you that it is essential) and sit in front of computer: blogging, watching movies, TV-shows, FRIENDS, okay, summer is over, it's time for packing, Good bye Mom, Good bye Dad, pay the driver.

  This summer was a little bit different though. Even didn't noticed how it came to the end, and how I'm leaving tomorrow. Anyway, this one is different because I don't want to leave, I won't write my whole life here (it doesn't matter that I'm a real chatterbox, Okay Lilit, It's enough), but I swear, I would stay here at least for September. (Oh, a song came to my mind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVO8sUrs-Pw ) That city ejects me. I don't want to be there again. 
Not to finish this blog so negative, I should say that I do want to know how it feels being a 4th year student. So, bye-bye Summer, thanks for being so disgusting. Welcome lessons, hope you aren't going to be another summer for me. :) 


  1. OK I like it crazy girl. Well done (Y)

    1. Huh, thanks ^___^ who is there?

    2. You should known it was me crazy.


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